The Most Lethal Tool in Your Arsenal!

What Is Clearplan?

The Old World

Paper. Run Lists. Routing.
Redundancy. Searching.

The New World

Digital. Logic. Language.
Do more with less.

Redefining Repossession.

Clearplan is Software Built to Optimize Repossessions — We Help Thousands of Repossession Professionals Secure Collateral Faster. We give you tools that eliminate confusion and put your entire team on the same page.

Software Designed for the Repo Industry

Clearplan is the language of the repossession industry. It’s the way we communicate with the people around us. Language is knowledge. Organization. Communication. It’s what creates prosperity and growth. Our language helps everyone in your company understand what is happening at a glance.

  • Stop building run-lists.
  • Pick up more units faster, and with less hassle.
  • Receive your new assignments in real-time.
  • Stop running accounts that are already discounted or recovered.
  • Streamline communication within your team.
  • Calm down your office.
  • Minimize the ringing phones.
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