Connect Systems and People Together in a Format that Makes Sense.

DRN Advanced Alerts

Spend Less Time Managing Accounts

Our integration enables your company to accept assignments and map accounts directly from RDN. Immediately.

DRN Advanced Alerts

Remove the Clutter

With Clearplan and the RDN integration, any assignment put on hold or closed in RDN, will be seamlessly removed from your Clearplan map.

DRN Advanced Alerts

Update RDN Notes Instantly

Everyone in your company can update RDN client notes directly from Clearplan. Quickly and easily.

How To Get Started Using Clearplan

If you’re in charge of managing a repossession company, you’ve got a big responsibility. We know what you’re up against… and, we know it isn’t easy. We built Clearplan to help.

Step 1: Watch the Full-Length Clearplan Demo

This 1st step is super easy. Sit back and watch the demo of Clearplan. This demo will give you a great starting point, where you will learn the ins-and-outs of Clearplan.

Step 2: Register for Clearplan and Open Your Account

After the demo, we’ll send you a special invitation code to get you up and running. Fill in a couple fields and you’re done. We don't even ask for a credit card. Each company gets to use and try Clearplan for 30 days, completely free!

Step 3: Complete Clearplan University

We created Clearplan University (CPU) to help our customers learn and understand Clearplan better. CPU is totally free. And, you don’t have to be a Clearplan user to take the course. It’s open to everyone.

Clearplan iOS